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Visit Nias Island website launched

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A new English language website for tourists planning a trip to Nias has been launched. The tourism information website is aimed at travelers heading for Nias or already here. Nias Island have all the ingredients for a great tourism destination; miles of...
Road in Afulu, North Nias (Nias Utara). Nias Island, Indonesia.

West-coast road improvement

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The coastal roads in North Nias are in good condition, particularly along the east coast and between Lotu and Lahewa. But the coastal road in Afulu sub-district on the west-coast left much to be desired. Whilst the road was wide enough for cars, it was severely pot-holed and made...

Photos of North Nias now on Google Maps

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North Nias tourism sites and attractions can now be found on Google Maps and Google Earth. A while ago 180 images of beaches, waterfalls, cultural heritage sites, hotels and many other interesting places were uploaded and they have now been accepted by Google. This is a great...
Senior officials from Nias with the Vice Minister of Tourism and create economy.

Nias Tourism Development MOU signed

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A tourism conference was held in Gunung Sitoli from on 17-18 june 2014. It was attended by senior officials and stake holders from national, province and district tourism offices as well as representatives from the private sector and the community. All five district chiefs...
First tourist coming to North Nias as a result of out Facebook page.

The first Facebook tourist!

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In October 2013 North Nias Tourism launched a Facebook site. The idea was to spread the good word about North Nias on the web, as very little tourism information was available at the time. Slowly the page gathered ‘likes’ and received many positive comments and...
Investor Famil trip, North Nias (Nias Utara), Nias Island, Indonesia.

Increased investor interest in North Nias

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During 2014 North Nias has seen an increase in visits from potential investors and tourism developers. Some of these visits have been part of a wider Nias Island familiarization trip, others have been specifically focused on North Nias. A few years ago, not much was known about...
North Nias Tourism site survey

First Tourism Survey completed

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The first tourism site survey of North Nias Regency ever to be conducted has been completed. In 2013 the Regents office tasked the North Nias tourism department with conducting a survey of potential tourism sites in the district. As North Nias Regency was only inaugurated in 2009...
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